Doodle Games

We create simple, engaging, and memorable games focusing on the iOS App Store. However, as we grow, we plan on branching out to other platforms.

Both easy to play and hard to put down, the first jump rope game on the App Store is also our first app. Download and play Jump Fuzzy Jump, on the iOS App Store today.


Doodle Videos

We aim to empower and entertain our viewers through short, fun, and to the point unique videos with our Youtube channel.

For all you future and current artists, check out our show, Drawing with Doctor Doodle for all your how- to creative art needs.

Doodle Brands

We put the same passion and commitment into our brands that our communities put into their passions.

The competitive jump rope brand, Jump Rope Jam, is a great example of what we strive for at Doodle Labs. By openly communicating with the competitive jump rope community we have created and are meeting goals that help both the brand and the sport grow.


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Amanda C.Drawing with Doctor Doodle review

Jump Fuzzy Jump

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Simple to pickup, but, hard to put down.